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GU Strawberry Energy Chews (Best by: November 2023)
GU Strawberry Energy Chews Just like your grandmother’s homemade jam, Strawberry Energy Chews are perfectly sweet, a little tart, and definitely bold. It’s like we took the brightest strawberry right off the bush and packed that flavor into an energy-packed chew....
₱219.00 ₱109.50
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GU Mint Chocolate Energy Gel (Best by: January 2024)
GU Mint Chocolate Energy Gel  Mint Chocolate perfectly balances two distinct flavors without picking favorites. The initial taste brings a refreshing mint taste, only to be followed by a rich, dark chocolate. Not quite bitter, but rich enough to remind...
₱99.00 ₱49.50
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GU Caramel Macchiato Energy Gel
GU Caramel Macchiato Energy Gel Caramel Macchiato brings out the best from two different flavor profiles combining a sweet caramel taste with the flavor of a strong, dark cup of coffee. It’s indulgent, it’s sweet, and it’s just so smooth....
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GU Tri Berry Energy Gel
GU Tri Berry Energy Gel Tri-Berry is as smooth as a berry flavor can be… a trifecta of berries for a sweet, rich and ripe flavor. Slight floral notes add depth and another dimension to this otherwise smooth flavor. This...
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