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Polar CS Speed Sensor
Add the CS speed sensor and you can see your cycling speed and distance. Features: There are a..
P2,095.00 P1,047.50
Polar CS600
Markdown 50% A pro's cycling system The Polar CS600 is the ultimate pro cyclist’s dream. Dev..
P23,500.00 P11,750.00
Polar CS600X
Perfect solution for competitive cyclists The CS600X is another perfect example of the training r..
P19,995.00 P9,997.50
Polar Elastic Strap
Color: Black         Code:      ..
P500.00 P250.00
Polar FlowLink®
With Polar FlowLink®, you can transfer your training files to your online training diary at polarper..
P2,995.00 P1,497.50
Polar G1 GPS Sensor
Add the G1 GPS sensor and wear it on your arm to measure your speed/pace and distance in outdoor spo..
P8,995.00 P4,497.50
Polar G3 GPS Sensor W.I.N.D.
Add a G3 GPS sensor W.I.N.D. and wear it on your arm to see your speed/pace and distance in outdoor ..
P8,995.00 P4,497.50
Polar IrDA USB Adapter
With Polar IrDA USB Adapter, you can transfer your training files to Polar ProTrainer 5 software and..
P3,695.00 P1,847.50
Polar RS800CX PTE
For Serious Cyclists in a New Amazing Design RS800CX is an ideal tool for serious cyclists who ap..
P30,000.00 P15,000.00
Polar S1 Foot Pod
Add the S1 foot pod to measure your running speed/pace, distance and Running Index. Features: ..
P6,495.00 P3,247.50
Polar S3 Stride Sensor Wind
Features: Everyone knows how to run, but how many people know how to run properly? For that you..
P8,795.00 P4,397.50