Spenco Heel Cushions Gel

Spenco Heel Cushions Gel
Spenco Heel Cushions Gel Spenco Heel Cushions Gel
Brand: Spenco
Product Code: 427-4700
Availability: In Stock
Price: P360.00

Size: One Size Fits All

Gel cushioning, slim design.

Target Consumer : Consumers seeking contoured cushioning around the heel area. Consumers suffering from general heel pain, heel spurs or bruises.

Recommended For : Daily wear – absorbing shock to reduce heel pain.
Best For Use In : Any dress, casual, athletic shoe.
Components :    TPR Gel  (dual density),
                          Heel Thickness : 9.38mm (3/8in)
Instructions : Place SpencoR Gel Heel Cup against the inside heel area of the shoe, orange side down. For the best fit, unlace shoe and allow maximum room to correctly position foot on the heel cushion. Tighten laces after foot is comfortably in place.
Care : Hand wash in warm water. Air dry.

Features and Benefits:

  • TPR Comfort Gel Themoplastic Rubber combines superior cushioning and energy return for ultimate comfort.
  • Anatomical Cushioning System Dual density gels absorb impact and shock where the heel needs it most.

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