Spenco Arch Support Orthotic Full Length

Spenco Arch Support  Orthotic  Full Length
Spenco Arch Support  Orthotic  Full Length Spenco Arch Support  Orthotic  Full Length
Brand: Spenco
Product Code: 430-420
Availability: In Stock
Price: P995.00

Sizes: 3, 4



Orthotic Arch Supports

Firm, adjustable arch support.

Target Consumer : Consumers with flat, low, or fallen arches. Consumers seeking firm arch support to control foot position.

Recommended For : Treatment of arch pain. May be molded for a custom fit to support high arches. To help reduce pronation and supination for improved stability.
Best For Use In : Casual and athletic shoes (or boots).
Components :     Nylon, SpenCoreTM Material, Fabric,
                          Thickness at Heel : 6.29 mm (1/4in),
                          Arch Height : 25.80 (1 in)

Instructions : Place in shoes, green side up. Trim with scissors if necessary. Adjust the shape of the orthotic by placing in boiling water for 2 minutes and bending to desired shape.
Caution: Do not handle heated orthotic without protecting your hands. Use gloves or a towel to reshape. Allow orthotic to cool before placing in shoe.

Care : Hand wash in warm water. Air dry.
Features and Benefits:

  • Full Length provides complete heel-to-toe comfort.
  • SpencoreTM Material – Exclusive conditioning layer absorbs shock and impact to provide maximum  comfort.
  • Moldable Arch Insert The flexible plastic arch insert helps support and control the foot.
  • 7 Sizes for correct arch cushion placement for better overall fit, comfort and performance.
  • 4-way Stretch Fabric with Silpure Antimicrobial helps prevent blisters while controlling odor.

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